Hydrogen Burner definition!

Applications for Kema heat pipes.

Technical data / pictures.

Kema Heatpipe HHO Gas Burner

Length x diameter = 59 mm x 12 mm
Gases that can be processed:
- Pure hydrogen and oxygen which can be fed to the heat pipe in the desired mixing ratio.
- Pure HHO gas, Brown's gas, which can also be added with pure oxygen.
- In addition, if application is necessary, carbon-containing gases can also be burned.
- Required gas quantity when cold starting the heat pipe, 1.5 liters of gas at an operating pressure of min. 0.05 - 0.1 bar.
- Control range of the heat pipe: when warm, min.0.5 - max. 2.5 liters of gas a minute. Maximum permissible gas pressure 0.25 bar.

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