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What is hho gas?

Even if HHO Gas is presented as a new revolutionary technology, it is simply oxyhydrogen.

Oxyhydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water. The water is broken down into its constituents under the influence of electricity of different origins.

Hydrogen and oxygen. (2 (H2O) -> 2H2 + 02) hydrogen electrolysis

If these two gases are not stored separately during production, but compressed together, detonating gas is produced which can be used for various applications.
Oxygen gas is 7 times more ignitable than gasoline, when it is burned as a flame, temperatures of 3000 degrees Celsius are reached, whereby only water is created.
The cleanest flame combustion ever.

This technology is over 200 years old, but was simply ignored for business reasons.

And here is the video that confirms this statement! HHO gas video

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