Storage HHO Gas

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Storage of HHO Gas or pure Hydrogen

storage hho gas hydrogen As we understand from Petr the basic of this system is one Carbide Acetylene Generator. He collect with Solar panels sun Energy transforming this energy in HHO Gas. He said the advantage of this system is, if the tank is full you donít need any energy to get the gas out from the tank. It is done by Atmospheric pressure.

The whole amount of gas is stored at atmospheric pressure. In this gas storage facility should be stored according to Petr, 12000 Liters of gas. This is a calorific value relative to hydrogen of 24 kWh. 12000 Liters of HHO gas are 8040 Liters of H2 gas and 4,000 Liters of oxygen. When burned with hydrogen Atmospheric air reach a temperature of cca. 2000 degrees Celsius. When burned, hydrogen directly with oxygen, such as HHO gas, you can reach a temperature of cca. 3000 degrees. Therefore, one should burn the HHO gas right after the generation. The overall efficiency of the HHO gas is thus higher.

Store hydrogen is only useful if it is necessary for the appropriate application of absolute pure hydrogen. It is more economical to burn the HHO gas after its production or to store as shown here.