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Is that possible?

There are many HHO generators, but which is the right one for your needs / application?

Is it true what is said about these generators? Who can you trust?

Well, it used to be called "The paper is patient", today, the Internet is even more so.

We offer TOP information you bask can not find anywhere on the internet. If it does, then these Info are only very sparse, incomplete.
Or so rotated towards that they are only useful to the offeror, manufacturer.

This information is a must for any newbie. We provide facts, figures which are easily understandable by any interested party.
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The information is purely designed for the installation of HHO generators for car applications.

For the following questions, you get top insider information.

- What types of generators are built and used?

- What requirements must be met to be able to install a generator?

- How large must be a generator?

- Is his size important? For which engine capacity I need what type of generator size?

- What to look for when buying a complete HHO Kit?

- After what is directed, the amount of gas needed to be generating?

- Is the amount of gas specified by the manufacturers right? How can I check before I buy a generator?

- How much gas can be added to a motor without taking damage?

- Can this gas be added to each motor type, diesel, petrol, gas engine ?

- What percentage of fuel can be saved?

- Is the installation of such generators in public transport allowed? What to look for?

Knowledge is power, saving you hundreds of Euros in advance with these TOP insider information.
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