HHO truth or scam?. Here is the answer.

Sense of this Site is to share all our knowledge with that entire people around the world who already are hho enthusiasts or intend to become one.
All the information you find one this site, you can be sure you wont find one an other site around the world.
So right from the beginning a few words about “ Free energy”
There are tree important resources what can be named free energy:
1.Energy coming from water.
- (+) is available 24 hours a day
- (-)  is not everywhere available
- (-)  to can be collect you need a high investment.

2. Energy coming from the sun “Solar energy”:
- (+) everywhere available during daylight
- (+) Available for everyone all over our world
- (+) to can be collect you don’t need high investment it depend of the amount of energy you like to collect.

3.Energy coming from wind “ Wind energy”:
- (+) is collectable during the night
- (-) can’t be installed every where
- (-) need a high investment
In conclusion if you want to collect all this free energy, you have to use a combination between the solar and wind energy. To collect one or both of this energy forms, by using this energy directly or to store it, is the single and real name for free energy. 

Around the world there are a lot of people what produce a lot of confusion by using the expression “ Free energy” in combination with a hho- generator installed in a car and than named it
“Your free energy source” save money and so on…... 

To install one hho generator in a car to produce hho gas, the production of this gas isn’t free at all. To can be produced you need current from your battery, this current is produced by running your engine, and your engine is running only if you buy gasoline. So you see that it is very wrong to talk about free energy using a hho generator .
For example: A very good hho generator is able to produce 2 litre of hho gas by using a power of 20 Amps and 5-6 Volt = 120 Watt. So before you can produce this two litre of hho gas you have to invest money in gasoline ( how much depend of the size of your engine)
OK it seems you are very confused now , and maybe you think why should I install such a generator in my car when this energy isn’t free?
Can a hho generator really work or is all this staff nothing else as on other placebo effect.

Yes an hho generator really works, and we give you on guaranty that it will works under the following conditions. 
A lot of hho generator producer tell you how simple it is to install an hho generator. You have to buy only a marmalade jar or on water filter with a few plates inside and you can save a lot of money. Also they tell you how powerful there items are, but is the production of there items sufficient to handle this across the complete RPM window. ( from idle 800-6000 RPM)
With guarantee no. 

Oxyhydrogen is an explosive mixture of gaseous hydrogen and oxygen. When contact with an open fire (embers or sparks), the so-called hho gas. In air at atmospheric pressure, the volume of hydrogen is from 4 to 77%. If these limits under or exceeded, there will no longer be an explosion. In a controlled burning it comes to a hho flame.
More info about klick here: HHO Gas / Oxyhydrogen

For all those who already install such on generator in their cars and are not satisfied about the promised improvements here is a simple way to find out what your generator is able to produce.
First at all it makes no sense to produce hho gas when engine runs in idle. To save gas in this mod it is cheaper to use a start stop automatic. So it makes no sense to connect your generator as indicated from other websites direct to the ignition of your engine. By doing so you don’t save gasoline at all. Starting gas production in engine idle mod, your generator produce gas to his full capacity, but it dos has any effect in your full savings. Remember you need money to produce 120 Watt. 
Now to find out if your generator really produce sufficient gas during the RPM window follow this steps: 
Start your car, runs in idle, now switch off your generator.
Insert your first gear, or position N by automatic cars.
Start running your car in idle mod. You may have now 600-800 rpm and very slow speed .
Now switch on your hho generator, wait until gas is produced. If your generator produce sufficient gas your car must start to getting faster also the RPM must grove.
Now let the car speed up to the maximum speed and RPM value.
Now stop the car and notice this values Speed + RPM
Now start your car again, hho-generator is off, accelerate your car to that value before, Speed and RPM and try to hold now this value by your food.
Now switch on your hho generator, if there is sufficient gas production your speed and RPM mast grove again to a maximum value at this throttle value. Notice this value again and follow this steps so long as you can’t see, feel a grooving of Speed and RPM.
If you do all this steps you will exactly see the RPM Window in with your generator will really works for you. 
I hope you see what I want to tell you, it’s a great nonsense to belief that a production of 1 Litre Gas per minute is sufficient to supply your engine across the complete RPM window of your car.
Maybe you wonder now, at the beginning I said that a hho generator will work and now I tell you it wont work. You have absolutely right, but I also said that it works under special condition.
What are this special condition?. 
If you want to get the maximum advantage installing a hho generator you have first think about the following. 

How is your driving style?.
Sport style, forget this stuff it’s a wrong investment.

No I am a cruiser, long distance driver. Your welcome, you have the best opportunity to handle on hho-generator. Depending from your car and the road, you can save easy 30 % gas and more.
If you take the car owner manual and look to the technical data of your car the most car producer inform you about the fuel consume of your car. (town, outside, highway) and you see that the lowest consume is outside, at a middle RPM in general 90 KMH. 
And exactly here is the big secret of fuel saving using on hho-generator.
To get the best fuel saving you have to handle your car / engine like on stationary generator motorboat running almost with the some PRM.
OK I understand this but how can I handle this.
Guys, it’s very simple. Remember you already find out your most used Speed and RPM.
Now you have to find on generator what is able to supply this gas amount.
Next, after install the generator, hope you have on speed control, cruise control installed.
Speed up your car to your favourite speed, and now set your speed control to this speed.
Example: 90 KMH
At this moment your hho generator must start his gas production.
How to connect the generator to the cruise control, plans that for ask by mail. 
What happened now exactly.
Setting your speed control to 90 KMH your speed control tray to save this speed all the time.
Corresponding to the speed of 90 KMH you have on RPM of xxxx RPM. Throttle is open to the value xxx.
When the road begin to grove up, uphill, your speed control want to hold the defined speed, but because you need more power to hold the speed, your speed control must accelerate, that means you need more gas for this short time, speed and RPM is the some.
Now the road goes down, downhill, your car needs les power so at the some throttle position your speed groves up, also your RPM, your speed control tray to handle this new situation and reduce the throttle position to negative, so much as to can hold the defined speed 90 KMH. In some case to zero, can easy be proofed when your car has on economy fuel meter, bordcomputer. (BMW, VW etc.)
Now you see what happen when your hho generator start to power, produce sufficient gas.
Adding hho gas to your system your engine get now more power, in addition your speed control believe that your car move downhill and automatically reduce the throttle position to minus because will keep the defined speed.
Now if you have on generator what can be adjusted, you can set up your gas production.
Be very careful when you adjust your production, to much gas can destroy your engine, find out what the right amount is.
Everybody know, if you ad for a short time nitrous oxide to your engine it will dramatically increase your power, you see, nothing else happen if you ad hho gas to your engine. 
Everything we told you about hho generators can be proofed directly here, see our video.  
In conclusion, in the future when somebody tray to explain you what a hho generator used in a car is, and speak about free energy, you can tell him that he don’t know what he talking about.
The real and right name for on hho generator is:
Device helps you to produce your own fuel additive.
That’s it. Nothing else.
Facts you should know...
Its not the HHO that makes the engine run. Its what the HHO does to the inefficient gasoline concerning combustion efficiency. Gasoline is but only 13% efficient on average when it comes to actual power produced by the combustion process. Adding an additional fuel [Hydrogen] and oxydizer [Oxygen] "aka HHO" causes the inefficient gasoline to burn at a rate of better than 98% efficiency. That is what gives you the new car performance and cleaner emissions from the gasoline which is now being supplemented by the HHO. Its not the HHO, its what the HHO does during the combustion process to the gasoline. Simply explained, if you increase the efficiency of a fuel by supplementing it with an additive that enhances its production of energy thru combustion, it takes less fuel to do the the same amount of work.
In every rumor there is a little bit of truth.

Interested to buy on powerful hho generator?.
Free wind energy. Produce your own hho gas using wind energy. Windmill. 
Fee solar energy. Produce your own hho gas using solar energy solar collectors.

Storage hho gas

Welding with hho gas


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