HHO power supply.

To can fire up on hho generator you need one electric source, this can be very different.

Coming from solar cells panels.

The most simply way to collect all this free available energy is to use solar cells. One good solar cell in combination with one well configured hho generator can produce a lot of gas that can be used for all kind of applications. And the best, never pay one single cent for this gas.


From Wind energy windmills.

If you live in one area having a lot of stable winds, you donít have to invest millions of dollars to collect this wind energy. All you need is one old American Western Windmill and one special electric generator and gas generator. This Windmills work with low RPM but have one high torque. All info about this system coming soon.


Produced by different electric generators like your car.

If you want to install one generator in your car, the generator must be configured to can operate with 13,8 Volt. If the generator isnít configured you can power up the generator using different controllers like below:

One PWM module.

PWM Power Module Schematic

Or you can use one linear controller like this one:

Linear HHO Cell Controller 30 Ampere

And here is on special control unit using on motor controller H-Bridge.

HHO Generator Cell Controller with H bridge

And here one circuit to transform 0-36 Volt DC to 2,5 Volt DC 50 Amps.

Schaltplan H BrŁcke Scematic H Bridge

Schematic of one frequency generator 0,6 - 100 KHZ

frequez generator frequency

If wanted here on schematic for one DC step up inverter.

dc step up converter inverter


Or directly from your household 110 230 Volt.