HHO cooking formula.

In fact what is hho. HHO doesnít exist as one word. HHO is on invention of some tuff guys providing this expression as on revolutionary invention.

The truth is that HHO Gas is on over 200 Years old technique named electrolysis but was forgotten.

This big new invention sound like this:

Get one container, introduce two electrodes, ad water and as electrolyte use KOH, backing soda.
And after all connect the electrodes to your dc power supply.

Thatís all.

Now you get hydrogen and oxygen when this two gases are compressed together you have your HHO gas.

All generators you find one the net use the some technique, the difference between is there design in accordance with the needed gas amount.

Here is the hho cooking formula for standard hho production:

- big surface so much as possible
-spacing between the plates so close as possible
-voltage max 3 volt
-current so much as possible
-electrolyte KOH 2 gramm / 100 ml distillate water ( industrial generators use 20-30 gram KOH / 100 ml water.
-working temperature if possible constant 70 - 80 Grad Celsius. (high temperature brake down the overvoltage)

-light overpressure your system so the boiling point of water is getting higher and you donít produce steam, if you use light vacuum the water boiling point
is falling down and you produce sooner unneeded steam.

-to see a lot of bubbles doesnít mean you produce gas, the most generators with high visible gas production ( much white fog in the water) produce steam and heat.

-You can proof that easy if you connect one torch to the system, if you have one stabile burning flame you can be sure you produce hho gas, and you can use it to your application.
All other experiments showing you 2 or more litre of gas per minute are in fact nothing else as hot bubbling staff.

So if you are interested to buy such one generator, donít buy one until the seller can provide you with the technical generator data.