HHO Cell configuration.

In the picture below you can see exactly how on hho cell work, relation between volt current ( Amps) and resistance (OHMs)

If you want to set up one hho cell you have to know first:

-what is your application : (high efficient gas production), (high gas production, dont care about economic efficiency)

-what is your power supply: ( linear power module, PWM Module, dc generators, solar modules, windgenerator)

Depending to your available power you can adjust your cell.

Cell configurations are: parallel and in line, vertical or horizontal . ( all in one container or in separated containers.)

And finally the arrangement of the plates. ( + - + - ) (+ - + ) (- + - ) (+ n-n +)

Corresponding to your power supply and the electrolyte you want to use, you must adjust your cell.

Every change of this parameters can dramatically change your cell configuration. ( gas production )




On example of one generator configuration, 4 cells with 3 plates ( + - + ) all connected in line.



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