On other business domain of us is the production of different hydrogen generators.

Because a lot of people ask if it is not possible to sell only the generator / cell we decide to produce different cells able to fit the requested needs.

It takes a lot of time to find a modality to can produce this generators in a way that corresponding to our motto “ Free energy for everyone”
but finally we find one solution that enable you to buy complete units or only different components of our cells.

After many improvements we find a design for cell plates that in fact is one single plate enable you to build and configure your cell as you want and need it.

You can use this plate as positive, negative or neutral plate, only by on other arrangement.

On other challenge during developing this generators was to find already existing parts materials to setup our generators. All materials are at 100 % recyclable.
Our generators enable you to buy all needed parts, excluding the plates, in your hardware store.

We hope to can provide you with all information and parts you need.

If you have any questions, suggestions feel free to contact us, we are no spirits and we are glad if we can help you.

You can reach us by Skype ICQ and Email.